Vigna Petrussa S.S.



Our 4 different interpretations of the ancient native red grape variety, the prince of the Prepotto area, Schioppettino. A tribute to our history and our land.


Making wine is in the DNA of those who inhabit these lands, and Schioppettino (also known as Ribolla Nera or by its Slovenian name of Pocalza) is certainly one of the vines that has most left its mark on the people and history of the Prepotto area.

A well-known name, a wine that has been appreciated since the 13th century but that historical and environmental events have penalised greatly over the years: from phylloxera, which destroyed most of the vineyards cultivated at the time during the 19th century, to the European Community, which even banned it from cultivation in the 1970s.

But this vine emerged victorious, thanks in part to the efforts of Hilde Petrussa, who was one of the main promoters of the Associazione Produttori dello Schioppettino di Prepotto (Association of Producers of Schioppettino di Prepotto), established in 2002 and of which she was also President. A few years later, in 2008, the sub-zone of the same name was established within the Friuli Colli Orientali D.O.C., adopting strict production regulations.

It was Hilde himself who wanted to tighten up this much-treated vine, giving it not only new possibilities but also rehabilitating a wine that had been put on the back burner. This is where all her dreams and efforts came to life: planting new Schioppettino vines, caring for every single vine in an almost maniacal manner, thinning out the bunches on the vine to lower yields and increase structure, sugar concentration and mineral substances. And to complete the work, the rigorous manual harvesting in boxes, at the moment of full and balanced ripening, according to nature's timing.


Over the years, Hilde has been able to experiment with different methods of vinification, using different yeasts, until he now uses those produced in the cellar from his own grapes (pied de cuve).


How can a grape be 'interpreted' in different ways? By striving to look ahead, see beyond and experiment, but also by returning to the past with memory and picking up the baton of tradition. Hence our 4 shades of Schioppettino, all in purity:

  • the Schioppettino RiNera, simply like this, elevated in steel, a lively wine to drink young;
  • the Schioppettino di Prepotto, 24 months of ageing in wood and a further 12 in the bottle; the intriguing personality, that natural note of black pepper in evidence;
  • the Schioppettino di Prepotto Riserva, an aristocratic wine, produced only in the best vintages with 36 months of ageing in wood and a further 12 in the bottle;
  • the Perla Nera, a tribute to the past, to our history and to the tradition of our land: made from overripe and macerated grapes, with 18 months of ageing in barrique and 12 in the bottle; a sweet but not sweet wine, like our grandparents used to make, who loved to jealously share it with friends at the best of times.

Schioppettino is part of Vigna Petrussa's DNA, which will always remain indissolubly linked to this territory and its stubborn and industrious people.