Vigna Petrussa S.S.


Our Story

Us, Giuseppina, Hilde and Francesca, three women in the vineyard, guided by the same passion, for over 50 years

Our Story

An interweaving of lives and passions, of rational choices and instinct. This is our story, the tale of us women of Vigna Petrussa, who for 3 generations, with love and tenacity, have been able to carry on a craft, a dream, a reality.


The pioneer was grandmother Giuseppina. It is thanks to her that the roots of our company have been firmly planted: widowed at a young age, she was able to take over the reins of the family business, which, among its various agricultural tasks, also dealt with the cultivation of grapes as early as the mid-19th century. With grit and tenacity, she began to make significant changes in both the production and distribution of wines. Schioppettino was her favourite wine, as ours is today. She made it in the sweet version from raisin grapes, which was in vogue in the 1970s.


Giuseppina encountered many difficulties in finding her place in a profession that was then considered purely masculine: so she began collaborating with a Slovenian family, the only one in the area willing to help her with work in the vineyard and in the cellar; this bond continues today, after three generations, with daughters and grandchildren, and makes our history even more special, made up of intertwining and a succession of skills within the same families, for decades.

Our Story

Then it was the turn of Hilde Petrussa, Giuseppina's daughter, who, attracted by her roots and having reached a turning point in her life, decided in 1995 to leave her work in another field to devote herself full-time to the family business. She was able to introduce a new wave of energy and ideas, aimed at enhancing the environment and the land. He rearranged the vineyards, favouring native qualities, made new plantings with guyot training, increased the number of vines per hectare and decided to grass the entire vineyard area. 

Like her mother, Hilde believed in the potential of Schioppettino, in its strong territoriality, and fought hard over the years for its revaluation. She first produced a dry version, which emphasised the indigenous and naturally spicy character of the grapes, until today she has produced four different interpretations of the same grape. It is thanks to his efforts that today the Schioppettino di Prepotto Producers Association exists, located in the centre of the sub-zone of the same name within the Colli Orientali del Friuli, right here in the municipality of Prepotto.


After 25 years, we welcomed the third generation of women into the winery, when Francesca Mecchia decided to join her mother Hilde, introducing new elements, especially in terms of image, thanks to her training as an architect, and continuing the winery's activities with the same passion and enthusiasm.


A new project, a new adventure, all female.