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17.00 (VAT included)

Desiderio IGT Venezia Giulia

A precious court wine, named after the homonymous king of the Lombards, who ruled our land for centuries and left their mark on it.

Desiderio is a white blend of indigenous raisin grapes. Old gold in colour with amber highlights, it has light aromas reminiscent of dried fruit and acacia honey, with smoky and nutty traces. In the mouth, it is very distinctive, with a tantalising bittersweet timbre in which fragrances of walnut and dates, floral returns and savouriness, freshness. A beautiful aromatic complex, a dark, almost bitter sweetness, with a finish that leaves memories of an intriguing contrast between crunchy and nougat.

Ideal with fermented cheeses, dry cakes, almond cakes and tarts.

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